Bridging dress by HIDASMichal Hidas is a fashion designer born and raised in Israel. She grew up with a deep appreciation for the arts and developed the essential skills to succeed in fashion. In 2015 Michal graduated from Milan’s Istituto Marangoni, one of the most prestigious high fashion academies in the world. Before graduating she ranked first among 40 thousand contestants at the I-SKOOL digital fashion contest sponsored by ISKO, one of the largest denim producers in the world.

Michal created a highly successful collection in collaboration with a Palestinian architect from Gaza called Bridging. The project, through its story, raised awareness of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and highlighted the possibility of Israeli-Palestinian collaboration to an audience that is not usually exposed to it. Soon she’ll launch Bridging Spring-Summer 2018, a new collection that will give voice to Syrian refugees through fashion.

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Once the BRIDGING fashion collection was being produced Michal needed to find a name for her fashion label. She chose her last name, HÍDAS. Later, she was amazed to discover that Hidas, means “bridging” in Hungarian.     

The brand HÍDAS reflects her personal point of view as a designer who raised in an intellectual environment full of ideas. Michal’s passion for art and fashion drives her to challenge herself and her clients with new innovations and ideas every collection. Throughout experimental materials and shapes, cherishing the values she grew up with and the brand style and elegance. Working in every aspect for communicate a personal, unique aesthetics.
The goal of making value-based fashion available for everyone is reflecting also through high-end plus-size collections, modest clothing and more.

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